5 Things I Have Learnt on ‘Exercise’ and What It Should TRULY Be About

Or as I would rather call it "moving my body". Call it a personal opinion, but to me, the expression "physical exercise" is rather rigid, and loaded. I find the expression "Moving my body" way more encompassing. My relationship with exercise has been a fluctuating one, good, and sometimes bad, a bit like a love/hate… Continue reading 5 Things I Have Learnt on ‘Exercise’ and What It Should TRULY Be About

Feminism, Interrupted – Lola Olufemi

What's that book about!? In her book, Feminism, Interrupted, Lola Olufemi explores in depth the short comings of liberal mainstream feminism. She explains that whilst mainstream feminism has helped democratise feminist issues and making them accessible to the public, it fails at looking at the many structural problems (racism, sexism, capitalism, poverty amongst many others)… Continue reading Feminism, Interrupted – Lola Olufemi

On radical vulnerability

Artwork: Taynee Tinsley - https://www.tayneetinsley.com/ - @Tayneetinsley There is so much strength In vulnerability There is so much strength In letting go Of expectations Which are not Your truth There is so much strength In exploring how you feel & Digging in the dark There is in so much strentgh Allowing your thoughts To wander… Continue reading On radical vulnerability

Lockdown Life Lessons In Pictures

Scrapbooking/Journaling/Writing is a process which massively helped me with my mental health when it came down to navigating all of these messy lockdown feelings. It has not only allowed me to process a lof of stuff but also verbalise, reinforce, and make tangible all of the things I feel I have learnt. Creating something enables… Continue reading Lockdown Life Lessons In Pictures

4 Things I have Learnt in my Late 20s

This little magic thing called "boundaries" isn't self centred or selfish. Boundaries. This concept had for long be very alien to me. I always kind of admired people who were able to put those into place in their own life, in the professional or personal sphere. Until I reached my late twenties, I had always… Continue reading 4 Things I have Learnt in my Late 20s

On Self Care and Privilege

First, let's talk about privilege Privilege describes the many advantages people might have because they fit into a certain social group or posess certain characteristics. You can have privilege, or lack privilege, depending on your race, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation, wealth etc. The power dynamics within society as a whole directly dictate which characteristics… Continue reading On Self Care and Privilege

Why There Is No Such Thing As a “Perfect” Feminist

Intersectional feminism and the pressure to 'know it all' ... Before we dive in, let's define intersectional feminism. Intersectional Feminism comes from the idea idea of 'intersectionality', a term coined by Kimberley Crenshaw in 1989. It describes the way race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and other characteristics intersect and overlap with each other to… Continue reading Why There Is No Such Thing As a “Perfect” Feminist